Thursday, 29 September 2016

Who am I...

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I completed my undergraduate BSc in Physics at Imperial College London in 2012, before undertaking the Scientist Training Programme at University Hospital Southampton. One component of my training was a Medical Physics MSc at the University of Liverpool. Having finished my training in 2015, I became a registered Clinical Scientist in the New Year. I now work in Radiation Safety at Barts Health NHS Trust.

My passion outside medical physics is sailing, a sport which I have enjoyed since I was 11 and will still be doing when I'm 111 (hopefully!).

Cowes Week 2016 aboard 'Malaika'
I first became a member of IPEM when I was a student and decided I wanted to turn my love for medical imaging into a career. I've volunteered for 3 years on the Trainee Network Panel. Some of you may have come across me before, possibly wearing a yellow/fluorescent green T-shirt when flying the flag for the Trainee Network or maybe you've watched our ice bucket challenge video... filmed in GLASGOW. (I mean whose idea was that? Could we have picked anywhere colder?!).

My term on the panel came to an end earlier this year so I was looking for another volunteering role within IPEM. Anna Barnes (2013-2016 VP External) sent an email round on the mailbase advertising the role of VP External and I couldn't resist. I hope that, although not as experienced as many other VPs, my endless enthusiasm and commitment to my profession will be enough for me to leave my mark and make positive change. As the youngest VP IPEM has ever had, I believe this shows how IPEM strives to become a more inclusive and diverse organisation and I look forward to developing this over the next three years. 

My blog will be published every month or so, providing regular updates about any exciting things I have been involved with and what I am working on, along with the fabulous Communications Committee which I now Chair. Please also follow me on twitter: @fwall16 for more regular updates. I would absolutely love to hear any feedback and I'm always open to ideas. Please do not hesitate to get in touch. I can't wait to get started...

Left: Modelling the farm yard lead vests with a  mobile x-ray unit in SCBU
Right: DAP measurement on a general x-ray unit... which button do I press again??
Bottom: Measuring dose in air on a dental CBCT unit

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